You may consider the region of Villach-Faakersee-Ossiachersee as a highlight for vacation in Carinthia, not only due to its incredible number of touristic attractions , but also its strategic geographic position , as a startpoint to equally discover the versatile cultural features of the Alpe-Adria section, a melting point of roman-german-slavian lilf-style. Among others, our guest-house may convince you of following activities:

  • Wandering (see details hereunder)
  • Swimming & Relax (garden pool and free entrance to our lake)
  • Biking tours (over 300 km)
  • Wellness (Therme Warmbad, SPA)
  • Wintersports , like skating, skiing, and the like
  • Tennis- and Golf sport

In order to give to you a general overview, we prepared, on separate leaflets ample information concerning excursions, events and similar, everyone as he likes best, for your vacation in Carinthia, either to lakes or mountains, or neighbouring countries, descriptions of - and recommendations for the most important destinations will be at your disposal.

If additional clarification and/or information is required, do not hesitate to contact us.


Sports activities & leisure in general

Tennis (grand court) to be played free of charge on the courts of the Wernberger Tennis club. A complete golfing equipment is at your disposal to practice this smart sport on the Golf-courts of Velden-Köstenberg. We belong to the founders of this club and may offer you a 30% discount on your fees.
If none of the above will find your approval, use our bikes (8 off) and go on tour , for ex. on the 283 km trail alongside the Drau-river.
During the last years we discovered that a substantial number of our guests have taken a fancy on clay pigeon shooting and the like (parcours). Take advantage of my function as a trainer in this a bit exclusive sports discipline.



Wandering in Carinthia

As we expressed above, Carinthia, due to its geographical position in the Alps, interspsersed with big lakes and plaines, simply invites you to initiate all kinds of wandering – and mountaineering activities.
Nearest head destinations (a.o.t.) are the horse-shoe loop of the Drau-river (1,5km), the well-known monastery of Wernberg, (1,5km) ruines of medieval age and the mountain church of Sternberg (2-4 km).



Skiing in Carinthia

Skiing facilities are everywhere, the most popular are the Gerlitzen (1920m), Dreiländerecke (1.890m), Nassfeld (2.200 m)  Bad Kleinkirchheim and others. What's about a double-day summer skiing on the Mölltaler Gletscher (glacier) ? Transport to the nearest opportunity may be arranged for. Two partner skiing schools will train you in three days to get down safe and at your ease.


Swimming, skating, boat trips

Carinthia's lakes have drinking water quality. Our big pool may give to you an utmost refreshment after a mountain trip, however once upon a time enjoy the open water in one of the nearest lakes, there are plenty of them. During days of not adequate swimming temperature make a boat trip on the Drau River or on one of the nearest lakes, Wörthersee, Ossiacher-See. In wintertime skating will be an alternative to skiing on the Aichwaldsee, Vasacher See, or on the Weissensee, a skating paradise . Your host can give you an up-to-date statement of which may be best.




The Thermal Spas of Warmbad Villach

The geysirs discovered by the Romans in ancient times continuously provide for natural thermal waters and the Event-Plant finished last year belongs to the most-up-to-date distractions, an option for eventually rainy days (to be reached within 20 m minutes).



Daily excursions to Italy and to Slovenia

Both countries may be reached within 20 to 30 minutes. There are so many possibilities , take useful advices prior to any excursion you plan to do. We may give you recommendations as to destinations which you will not find on your own, as well as to money savings road conditions and eventual escort, if desired.

Baden am Wörthersee | Foto: Gerdl | Kärnten WerbungBadespass am Wörthersee | Foto: Gerdl | Kärnten WerbungFaaker See | Foto: Steinthaler | Kärnten WerbungSegeln am Wörthersee | Foto: Wörthersee Tourismus GmbHRadfahren in Kärnten | Foto: Zupanc | Kärnten WerbungRadfahren in Kärnten | Foto: Zupanc | Kärnten WerbungEuropean Bike Week | Foto: Horst | Kärnten WerbungSkikurs in Kärnten| Foto: Gerdl | Kärnten WerbungSchlittenfahrn Weissensee | Foto: Steinthaler | Kärnten WerbungPferdereiten | Foto: Gerdl | Kärnten WerbungEislaufen am Wörthersee | Foto: Wörthersee Tourismus GmbHEismarathon am Weissensee| Foto: SWS | Kärnten WerbungSchlittenfahrt Bad Kleinkirchheim | Foto: Arno Gruber | Kärnten WerbungWinterlandschaft | Foto: Gerdl | Kärnten Werbung

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